Oh hai…

Well hello there.

This is the story of how my blog came to be…

One day long long ago, actually it was June 18, I was on “thisisnotthatblog” and I said to myself, “How cool would it be to have my own blog?” So, I traveled scorching deserts and barren tundras until I found WordPress. Actually, I just googled what blog host is the best and I found WordPress, but anyway. I had set up my entire blog and then I decided that I didn’t want it anymore.So, then I proceeded to delete my entire blog.

I had just made the stupidest mistake of my life.

Right after I had deleted my blog, my stomach began to sink. I just sat there and thought to myself, “You idiot, why’d you do that?!? You spent three hours working and researching about how to start a blog.” Right after that I began to make another blog. A better blog. One that no one could ever top. This blog is called ” TheOddCogitation.”


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