Like a little kid on Christmas Eve

You know that feeling that you used to get when you were a little kid on the night before Christmas? Lying in wake with butterflies in you stomach? Trying to think back to all the bad things you did that year ranging from fighting with your sister to trying to die the dog’s hair pink. Hoping Santa didn’t see it all. Well, right now I have that feeling. I start band camp tomorrow, and I’m just lying here nervous, scared, dreadful, and excited. It’s 105 degree weather where I live. That’s what I dread. I’m excited to see all my friends again and have fun. I feel like a little kid. Not able to get to sleep because of all the emotions flooding through me. Have you ever had an experience like this? If so, what was it? Was it waiting for your first date the next day, or was it simply that you were excited to go to Disney Land? I know I’ll enjoy reading everyone’s stories.
Until next time (probably tomorrow to tell you how band camp went),